Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.

by Anna Lappé, Sierra Magazine   What Biden’s burger boondoggle tells us about partisan politics and spin-doctoring. For a couple of days in April, my Twitter stream was abuzz with alarmist “the libs are coming for your burgers” headlines. The social media fire was sparked by news outlets and rogue posters asserting that President Biden’s Earth... Read more »

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The idea behind the diet is to replace two daily meals with jars of homemade pureed baby food or store bought jars. The third meal of the day is to remain low calorie and small. The daily calorie restrictions are said to be 600 calories or less. The diet is not meant to be on for months at a time, rather 7 days maximum. The purpose is to rid your body of toxins and cravings of unhealthy foods.

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25 July 2021