Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.

From Iowa to the world, Eating Tomorrow author Timothy Wise muses on the genesis of industrial agriculture.  In the beginning—1926—Agribusiness created corn, or so it proclaimed. It hadn’t, of course: 7,000 years earlier, the Mesoamerican gods had beaten them to it. What Agribusiness actually created thousands of years later was hybrid corn, and it declared... Read more »

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The idea behind the diet is to replace two daily meals with jars of homemade pureed baby food or store bought jars. The third meal of the day is to remain low calorie and small. The daily calorie restrictions are said to be 600 calories or less. The diet is not meant to be on for months at a time, rather 7 days maximum. The purpose is to rid your body of toxins and cravings of unhealthy foods.

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28 March 2020

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